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Football Manager 2023 Shortlists, Views & filters – The FM23 Assets you need!

Download all the Football Manager assets you need to enhance the experience of Football Manager 2023. Browse our collection of Football Manager shortlists, views and filters – Football Manager add-ons that helps to identify either the best players, hidden gems and bargains, the best staff, or simply lets important information stand out!

At Passion4FM we take great measures to help you find the best players and staff on Football Manager and compile them into downloadable shortlists.

Looking for the best wonderkids and talents of Football Manager 2022 ? Need recommendations of players or staff, or simply a better way to find the best players and staff in Football Manager? Perhaps you’re managing a minor club with less available funds and needs recommendations of great bargains and free agents to improve your squad? Passion4FM are at your service with comprehensive shortlists, useful filters and custom views.

To give you a nudge of help in your managerial career we have made our Football Manager shortlists, views and filters available to download.

Our collection of shortlists, views and filters have three purposes:

  • to help you identify (the best) players & staff when searching by using specific filters that identifies certain types of players and staff according to their role (player role, coaching role or backroom staff role). You can learn more about the different types of Football Manager backroom staff roles here.
  • to assess lots of information easier with the help of views that helps to identify better players by manually searching for players in Football Manager
  • our shortlists gives you a quick way to learn find the best players and staff as we have done most of the job for you to collate recommended players and staff in Football Manager into shortlists you can import to your own save!We use a lot of effort to create shortlists in Football Manager we believe will be of great value to you! These shortlists includes but are not limited to;
  1. Player Recommendations;
  2. Staff Recommendations;
    • Best Assistant Manager
    • Best Coaches and other staff for the coaching team
    • Best Scouts and others for the scouting team
    • + other backroom staff roles
  3. Recommendations of Players according to player role & skills

Discover Passion4FMs comprehensive Football Manager shortlists below or find the direct link to the latest shortlists here:

Download Custom Views & Filters

In additional to shortlists of players and backroom staff, we’ve made our custom views and filters official available to download. This helps you to sort the search filters after specific conditions we believe are necessary for making better judgements in the process of scouting players and discover suitable prospects.

Handle squad management and the transfer market more efficiently with custom views and filters that lets you track down the best Football Manager players and backroom staff, or aid data processing and squad analysis with custom views that provides you with important information right at your finger tips.

Our custom views lets you sort through a range of information about your squad and its players quickly and efficiently according to contract information such as wages and asking price, player assessments and skills and detailed statistics of each squad member, in additional to other views such as opposition squad view, medical team and individual training view – all made to get worthy information quickly and efficiently so you can make better judgements when picking your match squad or handle player happiness

Filters lets you sort for specific player types according to age, role, position or specific key attributes. Except from player filters, you’ll also find backroom staff search filters and other tools that lets you spot five star coaches and scouts.