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Enhance the experience of Football Manager 2024 with our selection of Football Manager 2024 essentials. Here we provide you with all the essential Football Manager must-have downloads and other addons to help you succeed in FM24.

Football Manager 2024 Essentials - The FM24 downloads and addons you need

By compiling a list of the best and most worthy addons for Football Manager 2024, whether it’s resources to download, tips and tricks that will greatly enhance your knowledge about Football Manager, or quick-fire tips that will improve how you will approach management in Football Manager, we are 100% sure you will be one step closer to success!

Below we’ve gathered the most essential downloads you need for FM24 along with useful shortlists and other tools that will make your football management career in Football Manager 2024 quicker and easier.

We know that these essential Football Manager 2024 content makes your gaming experience faster, more enjoying and will enhance your knowledge of Football Manager to a greater degree, so check out what we believe you need to download for FM24 now!

Personally, most of these essential downloads for Football Manager have been with me throughout my entire FM journey as I use them year after year, in save after save!

Must-Have Football Manager 2024 Essentials: Shortlists, Downloads & Other Addons