Are you looking for a team to manage on Football Manager 2024? Then you have come to the right place. Here we have collected some of the best Football Manager 2024 save ideas from us and our partners.

By browsing through our list of FM24 save ideas, you’ll find a long range of challenges fom different nations around the world. You’ll find save ideas for typical restore the glory saves, Football Manager 2024 fallen giants, lower league clubs to take from zero to hero on FM24, as well as other interesting FM24 beta save ideas that we think you’ll enjoy.

Our partner FranklyFM84, has taken a deeper look at teams to manage in specific nations for Football Manager 2024. This gives you an unique chance to find a club to manage if you’re destined to start your FM24 career in a country you perhaps have never managed in.

without further ado, here are our collection of Football Manager 2024 save ideas. You can find more FM24 clubs to manage ideas by browsing this archive.

Football Manager 2024 Clubs to Manage – The Best Challenges to Try on FM24

Football Manager 2024 clubs to manage | challenging save ideas for FM24

Our ultimate list of Football Manager 2024 clubs to manage let you find some of the best challenges to try on FM24. Pick so-called fallen giants to new football clubs on the rise. We have collected everything from clubs hunting for promotion to the top division to those teams that are struggling for relegation and requires a rebuild.

Discover our recommendations

Football Manager 2024 Lower League Clubs to Manage
Football Manager 2024 Build a nation saves

FM24 German Save Ideas

FM24 German save ideas - Football Manager 24 clubs to manage in Germany

Get a first look on FM24 Save Ideas in Germany. Here you’ll find six different German clubs with all their different level of challenge from lower league saves in the 2. Bundesliga to hunting for the Bundesliga title with one of the top German teams.

Find out who FranklyFM84 recommends of teams to manage in Germany for Football Manager 2024.

FM24 Clubs to manage in England

FM24 English Club Save Ideas - Football Manager 2024 teams to manage in England

Nothing is like managing in England on Football Manager. Their long-standing tradition makes England a go-to place for many.

Here you’ll get 9 recommendation of English clubs to manage on Football Manager 2024 ranging from fallen giants to English clubs in lower leagues.

Italian FM24 Save Ideas

Want to embark on an Italian affair? Why not, kick off your Football Manager 2024 career in Italy!

Here are a first look at Italian save ideas. It gives you great suggestions on Italian Football Manager 2024 teams to manage with several clubs hunting for a Serie A promotion.

FM24 Italian Save Ideas - Clubs to manage in Italy on Football Manager 2024

Spanish Teams to manage on FM24

Are you a passionate fan of Spanish football and wish to embark on a Spanish affair for your first FM24 career?

In this video, FranklyFM84 looks at 8 different smaller teams to manage in Spain for a road to glory save.

Spanish FM24 Clubs to manage

French Clubs to manage – Football Manager 2024 Save Ideas

FM24 French clubs to manage

Managing in France on Football Manager is probably my personal favorites when conducting a youth development save. However, France can be so much more!

Here you’ll get recommendations of 8 different French challenges to do for your first save on Football Manager 2024.

From fourth tier to Ligue 1 clubs, it’s the ideal place to find a FM24 French club to manage!

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