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The Football Manager series by Sports Interactive lets you delve into the world of football as the head coach and manager of your favorite club. The football management simulation game tops the sell charts across Europe year in and year out.

Discover all the latest guides, tutorials, and resources created by Passion4FM, or others sharing their passion for Football Manager within our FM Community.

Passion4FM’s Football Manager Archive lets you:

  • Master Football Manager with in-depth guides, tutorials and tips.
  • Find both replicated Tactics and Tactical Philosophies incorporated into specific formations, or learn more about tactics creation with our tactical advices.
  • Download Shortlists of the latest Wonderkids & Talents
  • Download Resources such as; Databases, Graphics, Custom Views and Fil among others
  • Find Backroom Staff & Player Recommendations
  • Team Recommendations with Team Guides and Squad Analysis

Browse the archive for a quick access to the newest guides, tutorials, hints and tips as well as further news and announcements about the latest game. Valuable resources and tutorials range from FM14 to the currently newest version FM 2021. With a range of exclusive downloads evolving around emulating real life tactics, custom databases and graphics you have access to all the equipment to make the game even more enjoyable.

Passion4FM opts to enhance your knowledge about Football Manager with a range of in-depth guides and tutorials as well as tactical analysis, player reviews, scout reports and recommendations about future stars, the best players and staff.

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