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Delve into the wonderful world of scouting in Football Manager. Get tips on how to find the best players or how to set up scouting assignments, use your chief scout to your benefit or simply benefit from a great scouting network program.

Browse through a range of scouting guides specially created for Football Manager as we answer the question you may have about setting up scouting assignments, how you increase the clubs scouting range and how you track down the best bargains, scout for excellent backroom staff and players by using search filters or use statistical data and tactical analysis to target suitable players for your managing club.

Your scouting network will be the core of finding better newgens, improving your annual youth intake or discover new players from all areas of the world. This means that your scouting team and the number of excellent scouts are of the highest importance, both to track down suitable players for your playing style or be able to give precise scout reports.

Get tips and tricks about setting up a proficient scouting system by browsing our archive of guides related to scouting in Football Manager.