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Need suggestions on who to manage on Football Manager? Here we have gathered our recommendations of clubs to manage on Football Manager 2023 / 2024.

You will find a huge variety of teams to pick when starting a new Football Manager save  as clubs all around the globe is covered throughout our articles detailing FM24 save ideas.

With thousands of clubs worldwide it’s difficult to cover team guides about each and every club available on Football Manager but by looking at the richest clubs in Football Manager, club’s with the best youth academy, fallen giants and clubs who provides an unique challenge, you will be one step closer to find a save you’re bound to enjoy, whether that be managing a club in the lower leagues or trying the pentagon challenge where you manage a club to glory in each of the world’s continents.

Browse our collection of clubs to manage on Football Manager 2024 below.

NB! Even though an article is written for an older version of the game, I’m sure you will find interesting teams to manage on FM24.