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Are you new to the Football Manager game? Is this the first time loading up Football Manager 2024? Football Manager can be somehow overwhelming for newbies since there are so many aspects that might influence on the performance of players and the result of your tactics in Football Manager. While tactics is a subject on it’s own, you have to master training, scouting, player recruitment and development in order to get success.

We like to make Football Manager understandable and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of how many hours you’ve played. That’s why we have created a Beginner Guide to Football Manager archive.

Beginners guide to Football Manager

Here we will provide you with all the Football Manager basics you need to elevate your Football Manager experience and knowledge. You will learn about how the current and potential ability star ratings works, the essential tasks you need to do at day one, or provide you with better insight into player and staff attributes among others.

On top of that, we will run you through all those necessary basic learnings about Football Manager that we believe will come in handy for new beginners of Football Manager.

Feel free to reach out if there are any specific tutorials or Football Manager beginner guides you want to read.

Ever wondered how to find the best Football Manager coaches or looking to find 5 star coaching staff for improved training quality to enhance player development without the need to send coaching staff to training courses?

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