Author: Drewh81

Hi I am Drew I have been a gamer for the last 28 years mainly on console from the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) with gold old fashioned Dunk Hunt and Zelda on the gold cartridge all the way up to the Xbox one, then 2 years ago I bought my first gaming pc and started creating content, setup the Drew Tube and my own Twitch channel for playing my favourite Football Management simulation game - FM , started playing Fm when it was originally Champy manager back in 01/02 and have got every iteration since. I have also grown my own Discord for content creators to share their own content as well as share tactics , saves etc.

There’s been a major rise in quality amongst Football Manager Content Creators and Youtubers throughout the FM21 cycle. Today we’d like to promote a brilliant new series from @AndrewHoeller who are just started his FM21 Benfica Challenge as he tries to lift the curse of Bela Guttman! Continue reading to learn more about this Football Manager Challenge and watch the video to see how he’s getting along in his FM21 save. What’s the Bela Guttman Challenge? When legendary manager Bela Guttmann was refused a modest pay rise at Benfica back in the 1960s, he put a curse on the club…

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