Author: Andrew Young

Andrew Young

Fascinated by the tactical element of the sport affectionately known as 'The Beautiful Game', I will offer readers an insightful analysis into what makes the most effective football philosophies tick, and demonstrate how these can be replicated on the Football Manager platform.

Introduction It is often said of football that it was invented by the English and perfected by the Brazilians, and while the Scottish could challenge that view in terms of its invention, the humble Hungarians could also shout “what about us?” with regard to its perfection. In the modern day, when a sublime display of attacking football is witnessed, one might say “It’s just like watching Brazil”. Instead, it could very easily have been “It’s just like watching Hungary”, as odd as that would sound nowadays. In the early 1950s, despite the first four World Cup tournaments being dominated by…

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Emulate Jürgen Klopps Liverpool Tactic in Football Manager Today we are proud to bring you a new tactical system created by Andrew Young which looks to replicate the real life system of Jürgen Klopps Liverpool tactic used so far in the 2019-2020 season. This article continue our focus on broadcasting how to emulate real life tactics in Football Manager and let you download some of the best tactical systems from some of the top managers in the world. Continue reading as we give you Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool Tactic where gegenpressing and wonderful attacking football lets you dominate in Football Manager,…

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