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Football Manager consists of real life players and staff, such as Lionel Messi or Antonio Conte. In additional you will be able to experience artificial generated players and staff aka newgens.

The newgens of Football Manager are newly generated players and staff unique to your game. This means that player information and other data such as ability level, personalities and appearance are created from scratch.

These newgens will enter your save at random intervals and can be easily recognized from their generated faces. These players and staff can vary in age, but clubs will get a number of these new-gens automatically from the annual youth intake that happens every year at the end of the season.

In the past, Football Manager tried to solve the problem of keeping the database size of players and staff at a certain level by re-create profiles of players and staff that retired or were for other reasons removed from their role, by introducing regens. Regens were re-generated players and staff. This meant that when Romario or Jürgen Klinsmann retired, their player data would be used to create a youngster with the same ability level and potential ability. The only change were the age and birth year.

Here can you learn more about finding the best newgens and much more about the newly generated players in Football Manager.

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