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Bring your passion for Football Manager to a brand new audience!

We are looking for high-quality content creators and writers who can contribute to Passion for Football Manager with your unique insight and approach to Football Manager by offering your opinions, tips and tricks to a wider audience.

We are always trying to improve the quality of the website and the range of articles and resources we can offer. PassionFM has a lot of plans and ideas for the future, and we are continually looking to improve every part of the website. And that is where you come in!

Now you can become part of the success of Passion4FM as we are searching for quality writers and content creators.

Become an important contributor to the Football Manager Community by writing for

High-Quality Football Manager Content Creators Wanted!

Who We Are?

Passion4FM has served the Football Manager Community since 2012 with unique, high-quality guides, resources and other insightful articles about Football Manager to readers from all over the world!

Upon the years we have become a well-respected fansite that caters all levels of FM gamers; from beginners to experienced users.

The mission of Passion4FM is to serve YOU with the best Football Manager content to enhance gameplay for Football Manager enthusiasts around the world.

Our content focus around in-depth tutorials and guides, useful resources and tips that let you enjoy Football Manager even more!

We love to share our knowledge and unique vision on how to master and approach all areas of Football Manager; from tactics creation to scouting for wonderkids and the next generation of talents.

We pride ourself serving all levels of Football Manager fanatics with a huge variety of content available for free to everyone!

We strive to base our ideology on being innovative and let our passion for Football Manager shine through quality articles that serve a purpose. We care about helping the individual to grow as a content creator and help them create educational content that you can be proud of!

Our Community knows our attention to details and focus on publishing solely high-quality work. We expect the same from you!


What Types of Articles Do We publish?

  • In-Depth Guides on Any topic related to FM
  • How To’s / Tips & Tricks
  • Step by Step Tutorials
  • Your Experience: How you Approach FM
  • Case Studies (e.g. Practical Examples within a Story Line Context)
  • Downloads
  • Experiments & Scenarios
  • FM Challenges
  • Creating Tools & Add-ons (e.g. transfer updates, editor files and databases)
  • Assets to enhance efficiency
  • Interviews & Opinions

Who Can Publish Content?

  • Aspiring Journalists
  • Regular Bloggers & Writers
  • Youtubers
  • Experienced FM Gamers
  • Podcasters

NB! Our authors range from experienced writers to first-timers. The writing process includes editorial oversight, which means we can be a great place to publish your first piece!

Passion4FM Writers Key attributes

What We Can Offer You

Since Passion4FM was founded in 2012, we have built up great expertise in social media marketing and content creation planning. We can help you become a better writer and content creator.

We can also offer you the chance to cooperate with Passion4FM, its partners and contributors in a positive working environment where innovation and helping each other to grow stands in focus.

By joining forces with Passion4FM you are able to;

  • spread your best Football Manager tips and knowledge to a greater wider audience that is spread all around the world.
  • reach out to like-minded and dedicated readers and followers who are as addicted to Football Manager as YOU!
  • get access to valuable resources and benefit from our editorial team, who will help you all the way until the article has been published.
  • benefit from our network to increase the exposure of your published content and enhance your reputation within the FM Community.
  • for Youtubers specifically, we can help to serve your videos in articles related to your topic. Or they can stand on their own letting us feature a text version of the video in a unique article with your video embedded. That means double exposure! Check out our Video section here.
  • for smaller Bloggers and Youtubers we can help to increase the knowledge and reputation of you and your work.
  • utilize your creativity and freedom to write content that you are excited about. We will be in assistance only if required!
  • we will support and help you in any way possible throughout the writing process if needed
  • Published content can include a valuable backlink to existing content you’ve created, whether it’s a blog post or a related Youtube video.
  • get access to private author resources and tips to further optimize and improve your content.

NOTE! All Authors will get a unique author box with abilities to feature their logo or avatar plus add links to your blog or website and social media channels of use; Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

Guest Writing Guidelines

Passion4FM receives daily visitors from all over the globe. It’s important that you’re a skilful writer who got an immense English vocabulary. It’s important that you’re fluent in English and comprehends basic English grammar.

Our readers are used to quality work and in-depth guides, so we will demand a certain level of quality. This, of course, requires that you have the time to write a proper article for us.

When that’s being said, contributors should first and foremost have a heart for football and the Sports Interactive’s Football Manager game. He shall be a true Football Manager fan who is curious (to learn more), determine (to do his best), dedicated and creative.

Most importantly you will need to have something on your heart, an idea or perhaps personal tips to show. You will need knowledge about what you’re writing about. The desire to both improve your writing, do research and get more information about the topic you’re discussing is also important.

We hope you have the little extra in order to add another level of quality to Passion4FM – mainly through inventive ideas, unique writing angle and positive personality. Other than that you are basically your own boss here at Passion4FM.

Since we require a certain level of quality we have put together a few contributor principles that we wish you to follow:

Our Contributor Principles:


  • Published articles must be unique and exclusive for Passion4FM – this means that it can’t be published earlier on other fansites or on your personal blog. This is to avoid duplicate content issues.
  • All Contributors and writers need to comply with copyright law. All images, videos and/or written content must be unique and written/made by you. We will permanently ban and remove all work from those who offend copyrights. Read more about the copyright law and copyright infringement here.
  • Articles featuring affiliate links and promotion of betting sites and unrelated products are NOT accepted.
  • Inquires from writers at an agency (that will most likely want to feature articles with affiliate links and other paid links) will be read but not replied nor approved as Passion4FM Contributors.
  • Images must be optimized before uploading to the server. We will be in touch with each writer about this.
  • Contributor are permitted from uploading files (such as databases, shortlists, tactics) on our server. We recommend use third-party file hosting services for that.
  • You must include hyperlinks and references to any data, statistics and sources you refer to or base your articles on.
  • It’s important that any text or videos are made with a positive attitude and refrain from a critic or negative opinions. Any texts should be easy to read so we recommend using short sentences and split your content up with relevant sub-headings.
  • Articles must NOT be copied (in full or in part) from another website, article, book or any source which has copyright.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How often am I required to publish content?

We will never set any restrictions or force you to publish X titles within a certain timeframe. We accept one-off articles from guest writers as much as more regular content and submissions. We wish to build long-term relationships that last and benefit both of us.

How long should the articles be? Do you got a specific limit of the number of words?

The short answer is no. The length of the article depends on the topic and how many words needed to get your views out. The normal length of insightful content ranges anywhere from 450 to 2500 words, sometimes even longer! The longer doesn’t always mean better, but in order to make the article well-researched and packed with insightful tips, we expect more than 300 words. We want you to really dive into the topic, rather than scratch the surface.

Will you edit my articles and/or titles?

Yes, but it depends.

  • We reserve the right to edit titles and the introduction to increase the reach of your articles. We will do the best to preserve your voice but also make the article more compelling. We might even modify the structuring of the article if deemed necessary and add relevant sub-headings if we find it beneficial.
  • We’ll include links to related articles whether internal or external that enhance your credibility and serve a purpose. If you’re already done it? Great! Similarly, we will remove any inappropriate links included that’s not related to the topic or we consider ‘spammy’.
  • We will also edit the layout of the article and correct spelling errors or improve sentences to enhance clarity and make your most valuable sentences comes to attention.

Passion4FM will be in touch with the individual writer in circumstances anything is edited or removed.

I don’t have the necessary experience in creating ‘Featured Images’ or ‘Thumbnails’?

No issue! While we particularly encourage all our Contributors to create their own thumbnails and features images, we will help you out if required.

We also reserve the right to modify thumbnails to better fit the existing Passion4FM branding with its colour choice and thumbnail template. We will provide you with the necessary Passion4FM assets and thumbnail template once accepted as a Contributor or Partner.

Am I allowed to publish posts both on Passion4FM and on my personal blog?

You are allowed to write a piece on Passion4FM which is based on similar topics as from your blog post and link the article on Passion4FM to it, but you are NOT allowed to publish identical content on both places.

Doing so will harm your blog more than it benefits you, as it will come under duplicate content issues which might see your blog deranked on Google.

Can I poach you my ideas?

Of course! But it’s even better if you write a draft and send it to us!

Our wish is that titles and content are related to the topics depicted above. Our main menu will show you our primary areas and focal points, but PASSION4FM aims to be ‘Everything Football Manager’!

What happens after the content has been published?

Once published we encourage you to increase the exposure of the article by sharing it on your individual social media accounts e.g Twitter, Reddit and Facebook groups/pages. We hope you’ll monitor comments for any follow-up questions and/or feedback.

We will also promote the article on our social networks.

Do you pay for articles?

Passion4FM do not, and will not ever, pay for submissions. Our basic principle is that Passion4FM shall consist of content creators who are not in it just for the money.

How Can I become a Writer / Contributor to Passion4FM?

In order to become a Writer or a contributor for Passion4FM, you will need to send us an application. We would like to learn more about you and what you can offer. Send us an email containing information like;

  1. … a short description about yourself
  2. … your field of interest and what you’re passionate about – your preferred topics to write about
  3. … your visions for the future (of your channel and as content creator).
  4. Show off some of your previous work (videos or articles), or write a short piece which shows off your capabilities.
  5. Finally, let us know how often can you provide us with your articles.

We would be happy to see your work published at Passion4FM and are excited to welcome new publishers to our writing team.

If you think you can contribute and become a useful asset to the Passion4FM team, email us immediately at [email protected].

We’ll try to respond to any inquires as quickly as possible, but we apologize in advance for any delay in responses.

If you have any immediate questions you like answering, please get in touch with us via Twitter DM or send us an email.

Let us promote your quality work to our Community and grow with us! Join the team and become a Passion4FM Contributor!

Other Opportunities to Contribute

Passion4FM strives to increase the excitement and engagement within the FM Community. As a rather young Football Manager content creator, who aims to cover everything Football Manager, we will let ‘everyone’ contribute to the website – also non-related to writing articles.

At the moment we are looking for personnel who can enhance the depth of Passion4FM in these areas;

Database Creators
  • We are especially keen to connect with Football Manager database makers who makes the game even more fun to play. It could be databases which unlocks new leagues or taking part of existing projects such as the NextGen Talents Database or creating Experiments and Challenges. Required: Basic Knowledge of the FM Editor
Youtube Account Manager
  • Due to little time and experience in Youtube, the Passion4FM Youtube channel has been inactive for many years. This is something we wish to make a change at as we think it has massive potential. We are currently looking at one (or more) Youtubers who can run the channel or upload Youtube videos at least once a month together with some of our current Partners.
  • We wish for the future to get our own Passion4FM Podcast talking about everything related to Football Manager and its Community. We are looking for one to two persons who can run the Passion4FM Podcast and be our voice on the Podcast scene.
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