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We at Passion4FM is not a big team, but a tight-knit group of Football Manager content creators from around the globe, sharing a similar passion for Football Manager!

Did You Know?

Passion4FM are always looking for longstanding partnerships, guest writers, content creators and bloggers who love the wonderful world of FM.

If you have interest in teaming up with Passion4FM, don’t hesitate! Learn more about what we can offer and contact us immediately!

Passion4FM has been fortunate to have a longstanding partnership with some of the major content creators within the Community as well as YouTubers, Streamers and bloggers on the rise!

Our focus has been on providing you with the best FM experience. The current team incorporates guest writers, bloggers, Youtube partners, organizations and other FM websites we’ve partnered up with since 2012.

Here you’ll be able to meet the team, the current partners and contributors to Passion4FM, which we are highly proud to be associated with!

Learn more about team Passion4FM below.

Team Passion4FM & Its Contributors

Dodgee Gamer (David)

Football Manager Youtuber Dodgee Gamer

Dodgee Gamer has been making Let’s Plays series on YouTube and experiments and simulations since FM18, but has been playing Football Manager for a whole lot longer, having started with Championship Manager ‘93. Before YouTube, he used to share career stories on the SI Forums and loves building up obscure teams or going on long-term journeyman saves.

His International Manager of Mystery series is not to be missed as he starts with the nation at the bottom of the world rankings and tries to make his way to one of the top jobs in world football.

Youtube: dodgeegamer
Twitter: @DodgeeGamer
Facebook: DodgeeGamer

Custard Prophet (Mark)

custard prophet logo

Custard Prophet, a Burton Albion fan living in Devon (UK), has played Football Manager since the mid 90’s, but only started creating FM YouTube content in 2019. His channel has a variety of FM related content including a Scandinavian Journeyman with a Lord Of The Rings inspired twist and the Versus series which pits multiple FM creators against each other. However, Custard Prophet’s channel is best known for the FM Creator Showcase which in each episode, provides a platform for 2 (often small) FM creators to tell viewers about the content they are making.

Youtube: Custard Prophet
Twitter: @CustardProphet


JoshDaly Logo

My Name is Josh Daly from the United Kingdom, I have been into content creation since around 2016, streaming and making videos on various games. Originally I was a FIFA player. Since FIFA 13 it was the only football game I would play, until 2018 where I started playing Football Manager. I instantly loved it, for me its the amount of detail that goes into the game and the community that comes with it. After playing the game for so long I finally decided to combine my passion for the game into the passion I have for content creation and decided to start uploading Youtube videos.

You can now find me uploading daily videos which include Tactics, Let’s Plays, Rebuilds and more.



fmbeth logo

Hi, I’m Beth. I’ve been playing FM since 2005, and have just recently started blogging about my FM saves. As a history student I love researching into teams and tactics of old and seeing how the game has evolved.

You can catch my latest Football Manager 2022 save Coffee House heros where I embrace the Austrian Wunderteam era. If you’re a lover of old-school tactics and inverting the pyramid, you’ll enjoy my quest to replicate historical football tactics in Football Manager.

Twitter: @fmbeth
Blog: dpfmblog


fmgegen logo

FM Gegen (Dhillon) has been a true FM fan for as long as he can remember. He always loves a underdog challenge and rebuilding sides. He mostly picks saves relating to real life and tries to apply his own philosophy for each team.

FM Gegen on FM22 has started to blog his saves and document the journey on each save. He is most notably known for creating his own DNA series where he has a made character named “Wolfgang” who goes around clubs and rebuilds their “DNA” and bring success. In addition, he is showing his true fascination over tactical analysis by blogging in depth tactics he has custom made and seeing them pay off well.

Finally, he’s favourite manager to date is Marcelo Bielsa who he has even purchased a book based on his methodologies.

Twitter: @FMGegen

MrSpaceman (Timur)

mrspaceman logo 120x120 1

MrSpaceman is a relative newcomer to content creation as he started his channel in the spring of 2020 with Football Manager 2020. Having developed a following in Serbia with his Youth Development career with Partizan, he has now expanded into creating and reviewing tactics. Whilst he may not be the most experienced FM player on the platform with his first game being FM12, he still knows enough to be the best in Space!

Youtube: /MrSpaceman
Twitter: @MrSpaceman88
Instagram: MrSpaceman8
Facebook: MrSpaceman8

FM Digi (Justin)

fmdigi web

What is up guys? It’s Justin, AKA FM Digi. I started playing Football Manager in 2014 with FM14 but didn’t stick with it. I came back towards the end of the FM18 cycle and have been hooked ever since.

I started my YouTube channel late in FM19 and fell in love with content creation. I am most known for creating a United States Pro/Rel 10 Tier Database and enjoy working in the Editor.

Youtube: fmdigi
Twitter: fm_digi
Instagram: fm_digi
Twitch: fmdigi

Partnered Websites Associated With Passion4FM

TCM Logos

TCM Logos is one of the most well-known contributors to the FM community and have been a Passion4FM partner since the 2014-15 edition was released.

They offer the community an huge logo megapack of over 61000 logos for clubs, competitions, flags and even ad-board banners that makes the match and user experience of Football Manager even better.

Website: TCM Logos
Twitter: @TCMlogos
Facebook: TCM Logos

DF11 Faces

The team that makes up DF11 Facepacks provides you with a massive megapack of true faces for Football Manager. The authentic and unique faces of DF11 facepack covers 80 playable nations around the world and features nearly 100,000 player faces and portraits of backroom staff and managers. It’s safe to say that it’s one of the biggest facepack for Football Manager.

Website: DF11 Faces
Facebook: DF11Facepacks

The French Football Manager fansite,, has been a partner of us since 2016. Similar to us, they provide everything essential about Football Manager. This means that some articles from us may be translated into French and submitted on ManagerOnline, while some work from them will be translated into English and published on Passion4FM.

Twitter: @ManagerOnline
Youtube: manageronlinefrance

FM Slovakia

As the only Football Manager fan site in Slovakia, FMSlovakia has build a reputation as one of the best providers of quality Football Manager graphics and graphical add-ons. Established in 2013, the website has catered Eastern Europe and major Football Manager websites with their databases, kitpacks, logos and other essential Football Manager graphics.

Famed for their 2D kits created in the clean FC’12 style, which was originally developed by our French friends, the FC’12 kits have been created and served from FMSlovakia since 2013.

Website: FMSlovakia
Twitter: @FMSlovakia
Facebook: FMSlovakia
Instagram: FMSlovakia

FM Sverige

On FM Sverige, you will find anything and everything FM-related. Guides, tactics, wonderkids and let’s play series. In Swedish!

Twitter: @fm_sverige
Youtube: FM Sverige