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Prior to Football Manager 2015, Passion4FM launched the very first partner program within the Football Manager Community thanks to the vision of Kworey. Entitled the ‘Supported Streamers’ we aimed to promote Football Manager Youtubers, Twitch Streamers and other content creators within the Community. Here we managed to partner with FoxIntheBoxFM, Advanced Playmaker and several other prominent FM Youtubers. Perhaps it was too early, perhaps Passion4FM was not as established within the community back then, or we didn’t manage to support them in the best manner.

Today we would like to revive our partner program, as the idea was magnificent and really deserves a new chance. Give a warm welcome to team Passion4FM – a partner program for Football Manager Youtubers, FM Bloggers, Streamers and Podcasters with a vision to share their passion for Football Manager.

About team Passion4FM

Team Passion4FM is for everyone who are as passionate about Football Manager as us! It may be Football Manager Youtubers who creates daily/weekly videos, bloggers who publish weekly updates of their FM saves, Twitch Streamers who interacts with their followers live or Podcasters who talk about the wonders of Football Manager through tactical discussions and other FM related talk. Team Passion4FM incorporates the websites and contributors which are currently partnered with us, which means that they are automatically enrolled within this program.

Team Passion4FM looks to pass on the main objective with why we set up this website. Our intention from the start has always been to bring the community closer together and share the passion for Football Manager to the wider world, with tips and knowledge, different views and approaches about how to play Football Manager. What we all can agree upon is that there is no right or wrong way to play the game. Football Manager shall be for everyone. But by getting an insight to how others play the game, their researches and analysis, their joy and engagement for Football Manager, we hope it will drive engagement, spark motivation and bring to life new visions and ideas for how to play Football Manager, even with success! Hopefully, more people will open their eyes to the wonderful world of Football Manager.

By promoting your Youtube videos, blog posts, live streams and podcasts on our website and social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), we give our partners the option to reach out to even more people, perhaps to demographics and communities outside their current circle. It’s perfect for small bloggers or Youtubers with limited resources, websites and/or Streamers who wants to increase their exposure.

Everyone who are partnered with us is given the ability to publish their content on to our website and have the exclusive right to promote our tactics, databases and other creative work to their audience.

We encourage that we and the partners collaborates on work and social media marketing to drive engagement for Football Manager and the partners content library.

Since every Youtuber or website is unique, we will minimize our demands for entering this program and instead collaborate and interact with them to find the best solution on how to promote their work in the best manner. That means that we will make agreements that fits both, either it’s to collaborate about content creation, simply retweet or share their latest content or let them post articles on the website to promote themselves.

To join team Passion4FM – simply contact us either via this link or contact us directly via Twitter DM.

What Can team Passion4FM offer?

With over 20K followers throughout our social media channels and a six figure number of monthly views we believe it can be beneficial to partner with Passion4FM.

By partnering with Passion4FM, you get the chance to;

  • Social Medias
    • publish exclusive tweets, Insta stories and Facebook posts via our channels. We can promise at least one tweet per week depending on how much value the content brings our followers.
    • have your tweets retweeted to our Twitter followers
    • be promoted on our Twitter at events such as FollowFriday, Giveaways or other coming events!
    • added to our Football Manager Content Creator list (Twitter)
    • ability to promote your Streams, Youtube videos and content in our Discord Server, which you can join here.
      • ability to get your own personal channel for talking directly with your followers via our Discord Server
    • ability to see your content be promoted through platforms we use outside Facebook and Twitter.
  • Website
    • ability to cooperate with Passion4FM about coming content:
      • we will be transparent with what content we create which let you create videos about similar topic. The video will be promoted and embedded along with the article.
      • Videos that is related to an existing article can be embedded within the article as recommended additional content.
    • publish articles and short summarizes of your Youtube saves on our website
    • have your FM related content such as Tactics, Databases and/or shortlists featured on the website along with link back to original content
    • publish exclusive articles (tutorials and guides) on how you play Football Manager, which will get the similar promotion of our own articles. Great content will be added to our ‘Top Articles’ for maximum exposure.
    • get the chance to feature Youtube videos you have created within our current articles. This means that related videos may be embed in some of our most viewed articles.
  • Youtube
  • Additionally
    • get a valuable backlink to your website or Youtube account, which increase the exposure of your channel
    • get access and approval to use/re-publish content created by Passion4FM (tactics, databases and shortlists), including thumbnails, screenshots and artwork we have created for the article.
    • automatic approval to translate our articles and publish it on your websites / Youtube channel.
    • access to help and assistance, options for discussions and get tips about everything from Football Manager to SEO. This relies on the website owners available time, as the website is managed by one (1) person.

Interested in teaming up with Passion4FM?

Do you share a similar passion for Football Manager as us?! Become a partnered content creator and share your vision for Football Manager to tenth of thousands readers a month.

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