Welcome to this collection of Football Manager 2022 saves within the FM Community. We have reached out to Football Manager Youtubers, bloggers and Twitch streamers to ask to showcase their FM22 main saves in this thread. Here you’ll find exciting challenges, difficult journeyman saves and other great saves on Football Manager 2022 that we recommend watching!

Perhaps you’ll even get to know a few new content creators within the Football Manager Community or an exciting Football Manager save that you simply missed due to all the great content released at the start of the FM22 release cycle.

Find your favorite new Football Manager 2022 save as we reveal some of the best FM22 saves in the FM Community!

If you’d like to submit your own save, or got a new Football Manager save coming, drop us a message!

Beg, Borrow, Steal by FM Llama

FM Llama’s FM22 challenge is to take FC Barcelona’s original rivals, Europa from the Spanish Fourth Division all the way to La Liga! During the 1920s, Europa and Barca were fierce rivals and Europa was one of the founding members of La Liga, but they’ve not played in the top division for 90 years.

To make the challenge tougher, Llama has set himself the restriction of not spending any money on transfer fees. Instead, he’ll be relying on free transfers, loans, and expiring contracts as he aims to ‘Beg, Borrow & Steal’ his way to glory!

Fortunately, he does have the support of his viewers, who will be assisting him through the comments section of his videos. They’ll be helping with everything from transfers to tactics and will get to vote on key decisions during the save – why not get involved yourself?

NB! Beg, Borrow, Steal will be on YouTube, with episodes released each Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

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Twitter: @FMLlama
YouTube: FM Llama

FM22 Saves Awakening Wrexham by Carr X

Follow Carr X:
Twitter: @Carr__X
Youtube: CarrX
Twitch: Carr_x

CarrX Presents Awakening Wrexham

Can Carr_X bring Wrexham to become the biggest club in England?

His challenge is to win the Champions League trophy with the Red Dragons. First, he needs to climb the English pyramid ladder from Vanarama National League to Premier League. It will be a tough battle to take the oldest Welsh club to the top.

Belgian Dynasty by DemandMoreFM

DemandMoreFM will look to build a Belgian Dynasty in Football Manager 2022. He will start off with managing Genk and the Belgium National Team in a ‘build a club and country challenge’.

His aim is to make the Belgian top division the number 1 rated league and create a dynasty with many Belgian teams.

To create a Belgian Dynasty he needs to win 3 UEFA Champions League trophies in the space of 5 years. If we manage that, we move onto another Belgian club and try and do the same thing all over again!

FM22 Saves Belgian Dynasty by DemandMoreFM

NB! The Belgian Dynasty will be streamed live on Twitch

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Twitch: DemandMoreFM
Youtube: DemandMoreFM

FM22 Saves Blackburn Rovers by AnderzbazFM

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Twitter: @anderzbazfm
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Elevating Ewood by AnderzbazFM

For Anderzbaz’s FM22 main save I will manage my favourite club, Blackburn Rovers.

It’s currently 10 years since Ewood Park hosted Premier League football, and it’s even longer since Blackburn participated in a European competition.

Can I take Rovers back to the top of the Premier League?

European Hitchhiker by DigiRTW

You were with me while I hitchhiker through America. Now I want to see what I can do in Europe. Join me as I find my way around the continent that brought us this awesome game. I will arrive with nothing but plan on leaving with a lot of cups.

Where will the journey begin? Head on over to watch the new FM22 adventure is brought to life!

More from DigiRTW?!
Twitter: @DigiRTW
Youtube: /DigiRulesTheWorld

The Rise of Os Belenenses by ARelegation

One of the new Phoenix clubs in FM22 is Os Belenenses. Having to re-register their football team in 2018 in the Lisbon amateur leagues after the existing football team, Belenenses SAD decided not to renew the contract agreement for using the club name, facilities or badge, Os Belenenses, had to start from scratch.

Promoted to the lowest playable tier in Portuguese leagues for FM22, the rise of OS Belenenses begins.

Can we return Os Belenenses to the top and evolve them into a European footballing giant by focusing on youth development?!

Yellow Peril by FMFO Official

Norwich City and I have 3 seasons to establish them as a Premier League team.

Can we get the team to first survive relegation, stay away from the relegation zone battle in season 2 and then finish at the top half of the table in season three?

Rerooting Southend by TaylorMadeGaming

Southend has been on a decline for the last 2 seasons having been relegated in both seasons but now they are TaylorMade for a ReRoot as TaylorMadeGaming has taken on the managers job, in this series he has to turn around the financial issues and take Southend up to their highest ever league position.

More from TaylorMadeGaming!
Twitter: @TaylorMGaming
Youtube: /c/TaylorMadeGaming

Taking back Turin by BornOffsideFM

When starting a save of Football Manager I like a team that has enough talent to build on with maybe one-star player and a good story. Torino is one of Italy’s most successful clubs but it’s been many years since they tasted success and have somewhat fallen down the pecking order of Italian football.

Torino has a very good squad suited to the way I want to play and of course, they have Belotti, an absolute football manager superstar on the last few Football Manager games.

The challenge at first is to keep Belotti at least for a season and fight to establish Torino as Turins biggest club. Though Juventus may have something to say about that.

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Twitter: @bornoffsidefm
Youtube: BornOffsideFM

Start from Zero by FMGaruda

Indonesian Youtuber FMGaruda I am starting unemployed with no experience and coaching badge. I will apply for the vacant job near my house in Jakarta, Indonesia and hopefully, I can grow my career as the world-beater one day.

Where will I end up at the end of my coaching career?

Zero to Hero Journeyman by Cobby

Cobby’s FM22 save is a Zero to Hero journeyman save.

By starting out with no coaching badges his goal is to progress to the top leagues by improving his coaching badges and reputation.

How far many trophies can he win on this adventure?

Hard Rock Adventures by That Trucking Football Manager

Rock Hard is a multi-club, single-nation attempt to bring Gibraltar to the top table of international football. Starting at the bottom, can we turn clubs into European powerhouses and raise the profile of the Gibraltarian leagues?

Football Manager Bloggers

Dorking Wanderers by FMVeteran

FM Veteran kicks off his FM22 journey with a blog series about Dorking Wanderers.

The club was founded in 1999 and has made 11 promotions so far and now find itself at the 6th level of the English pyramid.

Can FM Veteran build upon the current achievements and take Dorking Wanderers from National League South to Premier League by building the club brick by brick?

Will they ever be able to witness Premier League football at Meadowbank, the small ground with a limited capacity of 3000 spectators?

FM22 Saves Dorking Wanderers by FMVeteran

Social Media Links:
Twitter: @FMVeteran_
Website: fmveteran.com

Twitter: @lutterworthfox
Website: lutterworthfox.com

Tiers of Joy: The European Climb by LutterworthFox

Welcome to LutterworthFox’s FM22 save Tiers of Joy. All playable European nations have been separated out into tiers based on their coefficient. Starting from the bottom tier I need to win the league and cup in 3 of those 6 nations before moving on to the next. The challenge will be complete when I win the league and cup in 3 of the Tier 1 nations.

It’s not all simple though as I have set myself some restrictions which include not being able to use the player search and not being able to manage a team that has previously won their top league title.

HNK Šibenik-Dalmatia’s Unwanted Child by FM Kova

A story about a small club dreaming big and not giving in to the big boys.

Football Manager 2022 main save reveal Greenock Morton Chriswatt89

Interact on Social Media:
Twitch: ChrisWatt89
Twitter: @Chris_Watt89

Greenock Morton by ChrisWatt89

Twitch Streamer ChrisWatt89 will kickstart his FM22 journey by managing his local club Greenock Morton.

The Scottish Championship club is one of the oldest football clubs in Scotland, founded in 1874.

Can Chris Watt get the club to the Premiership for the first time since 1988… or win the Scottish Cup for the first time since 1922?!

Bish Bash Bosch by The__LoKi

I let an order on a mystery shirt decide my FM22 save and ended up with FC Den Bosch – a team predicted to finish bottom of the Eerste Divisie.

By focusing on scouting for youth, with attribute masking on, making every prospect a gamble, I look to conquer Ajax and eventually Europe?!


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