Football Manager 2022 Experiments

A Football Manager 2022 experiment can be a great way to get to see an alternative reality where hypotheses of what can happen in the future or what if are questioned. Our collection of Football Manager 2022 experiments features videos from FM Youtubers where managers are transfers to reveal what could happen in Football Manager if they were in charge of a given club, or how a certain team would fare if they had a huge transfer budget.

Join our adventure by taking a look at these recommended Football Manager 2022 experiments. If you would like to include your FM22 experiment in this thread or got ideas for certain ideas for experiments in Football Manager 2022 you’d like us to do, contact us by reaching out to us via Twitter.

What if Pep Guardiola took over as the Newcastle Manager?

In the first FM22 Experiment TaylorMadeGaming has appointed Josep Guardiola As Newcastle manager. With €200Mill in the bank and Pep as manager, how would Newcastle do it? Could they compete for the first Premier League trophy in years? Could they reach the final stages of the Champions League and eventually become the best team in England and Europe?

by TaylorMadeGaming

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