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Creators of retro databases for Football Manager 👾 Game Ambassador for RetroFootyMan ⚽️ Content creator for FMBase, PASSION4FM & FMScout

Experience the best stars of today and other former football legends being brought back into Football Manager 2021 as regens! Enjoy the 1991 Retro Regen Database created by Warringtini which modifies clubs’ youth intake to re-produce real players that came through their youth academies from 1991 until 2020. Here’s your chance to develop Ruud Gullit, David Beckham, Ronaldo 7, Romario, Xavi and other brilliant footballers as they will re-appear in Football Manager as youngsters. Take the opportunity to turn your favorite team into a footballing giant with youth intake of real players coming through your Academy from 1991 to 2020!…

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Passion4FM brings you a trip down memory lane with the FM20 1999-2000 retro database season in Football Manager 2020 made by TheFMRetroGroup, who suggested bringing Retro Databases to our website! Re-discover the nostalgia of the last century with the magnificent and detailed 1999-2000 database for Football Manager 2021 which let’s you take on the footballing world into the 2000s century. The Football Manager 1999-2000 retro database for FM20 is created by a group of creators, graphic designers, face pack finders who are constantly adapting and growing! The FM Retro Group let you head back in time where Manchester United had…

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