Author: DeRaamFM

@DeRaamFM is a blogger who loves the player development side of the game, and that’s where his content focus is as well. He writes detailed posts about how he tries to get the best out of a player’s potential ability, always looking to produce the next Ballon d’Or winner. If you like to read about youth development, newgens and tactics, then DeRaamFM is your man!

A Football Manager Youth & Player Development Guide; The Influencing Factors That Influence Player Progression Youth and Player Development in Football Manager is an essential part of improving your squad quality and develop your club into a trophy contender! Today @deRaamFM shares of his wisdom and long-term experience with youth development by providing you with his tips on why your players won’t develop You should by now know that I’m all about player development in Football Manager if you have read my blogs. Youth development (or player development) is a part of Football Manager 2021 that we all want…

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