Author: BornOffsideFM

My name is Michael, I am from Carshalton Surrey. I have been playing Champ/Football Manager since 1997. I am a Chelsea fan and for my day job I am A Postman.

Who will be the new Football Manager 2022 wonderkids YOU need to know? Here BornOffsideFM shares with you his recommendation of 5 potential wonderkids in Football Manager 2022. To give you an insight into the new FM22 wonderkids that will debut at Football Manager 2022 release, our new Youtube Contributor @BornOffsideFM gives you his recommendations of five future FM22 wonderkids and talents that could become the ‘next-big-thing’. Learn more about the next pearl of La Masia, who is labelled as the next Andres Iniesta. Or find out more about the brother to one of the biggest Englishwonderkids in Football…

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