FM25 Features wishlist

Football Manager 2025 Features We Want

What should be improved for Football Manager 2025? We have got a few fellow FM Community members on board to share our ideas on the Football Manager 2025 features we want! Discover our massive FM25 Feature Wishlist!

FM25 News & information about Football Manager 2025 release
What to expect from Football Manager 25 - latest FM25 news about new features, changes and improvements

Everything we Know About Football Manager 25 | First Look at FM25

Get all the latest information about Football Manager 25 release. Here we have collected everything we know about FM25!

Potential Football Manager 2025 Wonderkids | FM25 Wonderkids you need to know of

12 Potential FM25 Wonderkids You NEED to know about

Who are the wonderkids to watch for Football Manager 25? Here we profile 12 potential FM25 Wonderkids you NEED to know about.

Football Manager 2024 Summer Save Ideas

11 Summer Save Ideas for Football Manager 2024

Whilst waiting on Football Manager 2025 news, we have handpicked 11 teams to manage for that final FM24 save! Here’s FMNatics summer save ideas!

Football Manager 2024 NextGen Wonderkids Database - Find the Potential FM25 Wonderkids

Football Manager 2024 Essential Downloads & Useful Mods

Football Manager 2024 real names fix - real competition names in FM24

Football Manager 2024 Real Names Licence Fix | Complete Guide

Get the real competition and club names in FM24, With this licensing fix for Football Manager 2024 you can…

Get Passion4FM’s real names fix for FM24

Passion4FM's Football Manager 2024 Custom Views Megapack

Football Manager 2024 Custom Views megapack

The ultimate megapack of custom views enhances the user inferface of Football Manager 2024 and puts key information, statistics and other data at hand to make better judgements about your squad…

Get this essential tool

Football Manager 2024-2025 league update database including Premier League 2024-25 season

Football Manager 2024 League Update Database 2024/25

Update Football Manager 2024’s playable leagues with promotions and relegations for 2024-25 season.

Play FM24 as if it was Football Manager 2025!

Latest Football Manager 2024 Guides

To help you get better at Football Manager, we aim to provide you with in-depth Football Manager 2024 guides. Here we have collected all the most recent guides about Football Manager 2024. Learn more about how to develop players, set up scouting or how to approach tactical creation as we bring you Football Manager 2024 guides on training, tactics, and scouting.

Football Manager 2024 Tactics & Tactics Tips

Football Manager 2024 Pep Guardiola Barcelona Tiki-Taka Tactics

Pep’s Barcelona Tiki-Taka Tactic for Football Manager 2024

Pep’s Barcelona Tiki-Taka Tactic replicates Josep Guardiola’s positional play and his tactics at Barcelona between 2009-2011. Download this ultimate Tiki-Taka extreme possession tactic and discover the beauty of quick short passing football in Football Manager 2024.

Football Manager Guides & Tutorials

Football Manager 2024 Club Recommendations

Football Manager 2024 Teams to manage for winter transfer update

12 Teams to Manage on FM24 Winter Transfer Update

Get recommendations of Football Manager 2024 clubs to manage. The ultimate place to find the best challenges to try for FM24.

Discover these clubs to manage on FM24

Impossible Football Manager 2024-2025 Challenges

7 Impossible Football Manager 2024 Challenges

Here are 7 Football Manager Challenges to complete before FM25! From winning the World Cup with San Marino to completing the Carletto trophy hunt, we give you the ultimate challenges to elevate yourself to GOAT status in Football Manager 2024

Here are save ideas for everyone…

Best Football Manager 24 Staff: Coaches & Scouts

Set up a 5-Star Coaching Team on Football Manager 2024
Recruitment Team

Latest about Football Manager 2024…