Have you ever wanted to showcase your ideas and how you play Football Manager to the whole FM Community? Have you always dreamed of having your own blog, but don’t have the money, time or skills to handle both webdesign, writing and SEO? Are you a freelance sports writer or just a passionate member of the Football Manager Community, who wants to join our success?

Why not contribute to Passion for Football Manager, an established Sports Interactive Fansite, to really kick-start your journalistic aspirations?

Write for Passion4FM

Write For Passion4FM | Share Your Passion For Football Manager Now!

Passion4FM is a well-respected fansite who provides a global community with quality Football Manager guides and tutorials to improve the basic knowledge of football and Football Manager throughout. We are most known for the range of quality tutorials, in-depth guides and unique vision about football and Football Manager.

As an Passion4FM Author we can offer you the ability to:

  • spread your best Football Manager tips and knowledge to a great worldwide audience.
  • reach out to like-minded and dedicated readers and followers who are as addicted to Football Manager as YOU!
  • get access to valuable resources and benefit from our editorial team who will help you all the way until the article has been published, as we care about helping you to create educational content that you’re proud of!
  • benefit from our network to increase exposure of your published articles.

Writer Requirements – What We Are Looking For

Passion4FM reaches out to all areas of the world – from China in the east to USA in the west. We receive daily visitors from all over the globe, but our base readers are mainly from the UK, US and Scandinavia. But we also receives visitors from Malaysia, Indonesia, Norway, Italy, Nigeria, Russia, Portugal and Turkey to give you some examples.

In order to write for us, you will need to write proper English, so that everyone can understand you no matter if they are using the Google translator or reading the articles as is. This means slang or social media abbreviations that only teenagers can understand are highly frowned upon.

Our readers are used to quality work and in-depth guides, so we will demand a certain level of writing quality. This of course requires that you have the time to write a proper article for us.

When that’s being said, a Passion4FM authors should first and foremost have an heart for football and the Sports Interactive’s Football Manager game. He shall be a true Football Manager fan who are curious (to learn more), determine (to do his best), dedicated and creative.

Most importantly you will need to have something on your heart, an idea or perhaps personal tips to show. You will need knowledge about what you’re writing about. The desire to both improve your writing, do research and get more information about the topic you’re discussing is also important.

We hope you have the little extra in order to add another level of quality to Passion4FM – mainly through inventive ideas, unique writing angle and positive personality. Other than that you are basically your own boss here at Passion4FM.

Topics to Write About?

Passion4FM publish high-standard football articles and Football Manager guides as well as providing our community with all the resources they need to further enjoy the game – no matter if it’s publishing your latest Football Manager graphics, share your greatest tactics or downloads. Passion4FM is both the essence of FM as well as everything Football Manager.

Passion4FM.com is split into five departments which we are looking for authors and contributors for;

  • General Football Manager Tips and Articles
    Example: Player recommendations (scout reports of bargains, talents or Football Manager Wonderkids), Team Guides, basic tips and tutorials about player development (training), scouting and general how-to’s)
  • Football Manager Download Section
    Tactics Creations, Graphics, Database Creations, Shortlists and Football Manager Challenges / scenarios
  • Media Department [Youtube, Twitch, Steam Workshop]
    Work with publishing content to the different social medias such as creating Youtube videos, Steam Workshop items and livestream on a regular basis sharing tips from us.
  • Football News and Articles
    In the Spotlight (Scout Reports and player reviews, leagues and competition reviews), Tactical Analysis, Football History or Match Analysis
  • Coaching Corner – Merging Football with Football Manager
    Read more about the brand new project – The Coaching Corner
    [NOTE! Suitable for Football Manager veterans, sports journalists, football coaches and others with high understanding of football and Football Manager]

What you like to share to our audience is completely up to you. If you still wants to publish content but have no idea of what to write about, please check our published content as that will give you an idea of what content we are looking contributors for. If you got some particular ideas which isn’t part of the current website please get in touch with us to share your ideas or examples of your work.

Not an expert?
We would like this opportunity to be available for everyone. Even if you don’t feel like an football expert, or are a Football Manager veteran, you can still broadcast your tips and most importantly how you play Football Manager and what you’ve discovered in Football Manager. If we have learn one thing through around 15 years of playing Football Manager, is that no one plays the game the same!

Are you interested to become part of the rising success of Passion4FM? Read more about how to become an author, contributor or guest writer for Passion4FM below.

Eligible Author Programs at Passion4FM

Passion4FM provides two different options to contribute to the website. No matter your preferred option, you are all free to write whenever you got time, but the highest author program will demand more of the author than the general guest-writer options.

  1. Guest Writer is the preferred option for those who wish to publish one single article once or once in a while. Passion4FM Guest Writers will have limited privileges.

    They will only be able to post their article to one specific category with a limit of 3 tags. Articles submitted must be reviewed before publishing by one of our admins. Articles will display “Written by” in the end of the article featuring the author box of the Passion4FM moderator who reviewed it. You won’t be able to upload images directly so we encourage you to use imgur.com or gyazo.com (Pc download)

    This option is great for those who haven’t time to publish articles frequently or simply likes to reach out to a bigger audience once.

  2. Premium Author is a more permanent solution where you get access to the Writer Resource section on our website and you will get assistant by our staff throughout the process (if needed) as well as valuable information about how to increase exposure.

    Premium Authors needs to publish at least 2 articles per month, but personal agreements can be made depending on what suits you best. An author is eligible to add as many as 5 tags and categories to their articles for highest amount of exposure. Selected articles may feature in the main menu for even more exposure.

    Included is the option to publish own articles and upload files to the site (such as images in the post editing section and Football Manager files to our shared Mediafire PRO account). For a closer working relationship with the Passion4FM team Dropbox account is required for filesharing.

    All Premium Authors will get an unique author box with URL to personal website in additional to links to Twitter, Facebook and/or Googleplus. This will provide you with a valuable backlink. Authors who have signed up to a Google Adsense account can feature one (1) ad code (bottom) for personal revenue for free!

Other Opportunities to Contribute

Passion4FM strives to increase the excitement and engagement within the FM Community. As a rather young Sports Interactive fansite who aims to cover everything Football Manager, we will also let you be able to contribute to our website in other areas non-related to writing too. There are two different ways you can contribute besides being an author:

    Football Manager Graphics / Database Creators
  • We are especially keen to connect with Football Manager graphics creators and database makers who makes the game even more fun to play. Examples of Football Manager graphics we want are: logo packs, skins, facepacks, kit packs and/or Football Manager database which unlocks new leagues, adds new real players or wonderkids or in other ways make the game even more realistic.
  • Football Manager Youtube Video Maker
  • One other way to get involved with our website is to make Football Manager YouTube Videos or other infographics for the website which makes the website experience better!
No matter which program you choose, please comply to these rules:

– Published articles must be unique and exclusive for Passion4FM – this means that it can’t be published earlier on other fansites or on your personal blog. This is to avoid duplicate content issues.
– The minimum required amount of words for each articles must be at least 450 words no matter which option you choose.
– To further increase the exposure we encourage all contributors to share their own articles via social medias (Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Googleplus).
– All Contributors and writers needs to comply to the copyright law. All images, videos an/or written content must be unique and written/made by you. We will permanently ban and remove all work from those who offend copyrights. Read more about the copyright law and copyright infringement here.

How Can I become a Writer / Contributor to Passion4FM?

In order to become a Writer or a contributor for Passion4FM you will need to send us an application, as long as you haven’t been invited specially to the Passion4FM team by any of our admins. When applying as an Author / Guest Writer, send an email to us with:

    1. Write a short description about yourself
    2. Write about your field of interest and what you’re passionate about: Your main Writing Categories
    3. Show off some of your previous work/articles.
    Writers needs to write a short piece (Max 500 characters, Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line gap) and attach it to the form. Contributors should attach some of their previous work.
    4. How often can you provide us with your articles? (For Author Program only)

We would be happy to see your work published at Passion4FM and are excited to welcome new publishers to our writing team.

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