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Download Passion4FM’s Exclusive FM15 Youth Database of New Emerging Wonderkids

Welcome to the first edition of our Football Manager 2015 Youth Database. As many of you might know, I’m particularly interested in scouting for new wonderkids and emerging talents both in real life and in Football Manager. Since I started I’ve compiled shortlist of the best Football Manager wonderkids and written about the new emerging wonderkids who might feature in the official FM database.

Often I have been left with a list of promising talents and potential wonderkids who isn’t part of Football Manager, which is found watching numerous youth competitions and tournaments, such as the UEFA Youth League or the UEFA European Under-17 championship. Or I’ve discovered some great youth talents who is part of the official database, but who I feel haven’t the proper attributes, current ability or potential compared to other similar rated youngsters from real life in FM.

Football Manager 2015 Youth Database including Martin Ødegaard

As some even lacks personal information and there were some missing talents, I felt it was time to take the matter in my own hands! Our Football Manager 2015 Youth database lets you import and discover new emerging wonderkids and talents which isn’t part of the official Football Manager 2015 database, or edited youngsters from the official database.

Since I’m Norwegian I felt it would be correct to publish the first edition of the FM15 youth database featuring our very own wonderkid Martin Ødegaard, who I had hoped would be part of Football Manager 2015. But I opt to update this database with more promising talents in the months ahead.

In the end I’m hoping to achieve something similar to the Real Madrid or Barcelona Youth Database I published for FM14, which gave you all the Under-18 to Under-16 talents for the different youth teams.

The Passion4FM FM15 Youth Database Features But is Not Limited To These Talents:

Martin Ødegaard (15) – M/AMC – Strømsgodset – Norway

Football Manager 2015 Wonderkid Martin Ødegaard

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Published: 07.11.2014
Updated: N/A
File Size: 16Kb

A database of the most promising talents and new emerging wonderkids not included in the official Football Manager 2015 database. First edition includes Martin Ødegaaard
How to Import the Database in FM15
  • Download the data editor file above and import the database to this specific folder:
    1. - PC USERS:
      Import the filter to the specific folder: “Your Documents” > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 201X > Editor Data
    2. - MAC USERS:
      Download and extract the files to : Macintosh HD\users\USERNAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\Editor Data.
  • If editor data folder is not there, create one yourself. Other names will not recognize the files inside the game.
  • Start a new save and click “edit” custom files. Pick the editor file “Passion4FM FM15 Youth Database” and click load.

The photo, used in article image, “La Masia” is made available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic. Image courtesy of MARIA ROSA FERRE via Flickr.

The photo, used in article image, “Harmeet Singh (Vålerenga Oslo)” is made available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. Image courtesy of Steindy via Wikimedia Commons.

  • VeteranFm

    Is it just Ødegaard in this, or is it anymore changes? Hard to understand of what you’re writing above..

    • Passion for Football Manager

      It only consists of Martin Ødegaard so far, but I have a list of players that I like to add, only thing I need is time to do it.

  • Alex

    How do you install it?

    • Passion for Football Manager

      I have now updated the instructions on how to install it. As the file was created 03.00AM last night there is only one player in this database, but I will add more players in the coming weeks/months

  • Always right!

    I have followed your instructions for mac users, but I it´s not working??
    When I starts a new game nothing happens!!

    • Passion for Football Manager

      Where do you have the games folder and shortlist folders on Mac? The file shall be put into the editor data folder. If you have put it in that folder – does it say Editor Data files (1 enabled) when you start a new save? See screenshot above

      Waiting for your reply – I will also check the Sigames forum to see if there are any bugs I’m not aware of in regard to MAC users

  • Always right!

    Do you need an extra program to open the file? when I double click on file it says that I don´t have the program to open

  • PooM

    Appreciate your work a lot and i will definitely use it asap!

    Im wondering how many player you added into database. Could you name a few of them beside from odegaard?


    • Passion for Football Manager

      Thanks. The file only consist of Martin Ødegaard at the moment – haven’t had time to add more, but will do later

  • Keemo MusicChild

    i did what u said an put it in the correct folder but when i start up a new game nothing happens
    an when i click new game, edit game file cant be clicked.
    i’m sure an not doing it wrong cause i’ve been doing this from football manager 2011. :(

    an should the file be .fmf?

    i’m on windows 7 btw

    • Passion for Football Manager

      Yes, the .fmf file is the new file SI has created for Steam Workshop integration.
      But does it say 1 editor file enabled? Can you click custom?

      I’m on windows 8.1 and it works here:S weird

  • disqus_Mo2CTWWkkt

    Good work, going to snap him up for Liverpool, but how can we get a face
    or an action shot to go with the profile? I have the facepacks from sortitoutsi and now he’s the only one in the squad with no photo. No one likes the blank players.

  • disqus_Mo2CTWWkkt

    Or tell us what ID# you gave him