Best Football Manager 2015 Wonderkids & Promising Talents

Player Recommendations of Best FM15 Wonderkids & Young Talents

To continue the success of previous years we are yet again giving you the ability to download our massive shortlist of best Football Manager 2015 Wonderkids. Here you will find a bunch of amazing FM15 wonderkids – those promising talents who may become world class players with a proper development plan or simply those young football talents who are on the verge of taking the stage with a pinch of luck and the trust and comfort only you can provide as his manager.

Football Manager 2015 Wonderkids

Photo Credit: Myrte Hesselberth – Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported

This is the third year publishing our famous Football Manager Wonderkids shortlist. This year we opt to make it even more massive and even more comprehensive than last year! Here you will be able to discover the top talents of FM 2015 aged 20 or younger. Buying a cheap FM15 wonderkid might both give you some extra cash if sold at the right moment, or lead your club to new glories with dazzling performances – improving your ‘mediocre’ team to become a world leading club simply by his presence.

As former Football Manager Wonderkids such as Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku and Lucas Moura have become too old, we have replaced them with some new amazing talents worth scouting. With over 300 wonderkids raning from world class players to good players for the top league, included in the first downloadable shortlist, it may be hard to find the best ones for your managing club. It’s recommended to scout them all thoroughly as potential ability can/will vary from save to save.

In order to help you as much as possible, we have put together a list of the best ones, which you can examine below. The list is filtered by positioning and age of the best ones, and is regarded as page 1 of 2, where the second page is the shortlist of Football Manager 2015 Best Young Talent – those emerging Under-18 talents just below the level of the players within this list.

This year we have decided to remove the in-depth information about each player, and we won’t show you screenshot of their player profile as we haven’t received any feedback if it was at all helpful. But we aim to update this post quite frequently – but we also encourage you to submit your FM15 player recommendations in the comment field.

This shortlist of the best Football Manager 2015 Wonderkids can be downloaded and imported into your own game!

Published: 29.10.2014

About Passion4FM FM 2015 Wonderkids Shortlist

When creating this shortlist we have trusted the scout reports, the in-game player information such as mental attributes and skills according to their position and their player roles. All the FM 2015 wonderkids have been found by thoroughly scouting in different saves, by using an extensive network of the best Football Manager 2015 scouts, scouting them a number of times and using our years of experience examining all parts of the world in order to serve you our massive shortlist.

We have NOT, and never will use the editor or other cheating tools to create or update our shortlist.

The Passion4FM FM15 Wonderkids shortlist can be regarded as an advanced scouting tool consisting of over 500 (and counting) promising talents or rated wonderkids under the age of 20. The shortlist can be downloaded and imported into your own save whenever you wish. It consists of youngsters from all over the world, from Russia to Chile, from Brazil to Denmark and Russia to Argentina!

This shortlist is “work in progress” until the release of Football Manager 2016, and we look to continuously update it for your benefit in order to help you discover new and amazing talents!

Definition of a Football Manager Wonderkids – How to find them?

A Football Manager wonderkid is a term often used to describe the best talents of Football Manager. These young talents under the age of 20, have all in common that they possess excellent potential ability, good current ability and equal chance to develop to world class players.

A players level of ability is determined through a rating between 0 to 200, where 200 is “out of this world” in order to show you through a star rating how good the player is in the moment (current ability) and how good the player can become in the future by training, tutoring and match experience (potential ability).
Normally is the current ability absolute (static current ability) while the potential ability is relative – can differ from save to save.

A Football Manager wonderkid is exclusive and unique, not every player can become a wonder kid.
When starting a new Football Manager save, you will perhaps notice that the wonderkid you bought in one save might not be as good in the new.
This is because a players potential ability can change within a pre-determined scale. His actual potential ability can only be discovered within the editor or other cheating tools. The relative PA scale ranges from -1 to -10 where higher number equals better ability. Normally will the best Football Manager wonderkids have a potential ability labelled as -10 or -9, where -10 is on a scale close to the 200 mark.

We are not allowed to reveal each players current or potential ability level, so you will be forced to scout them all in each save in order to get some hints about their potential ability in your save. I guess you wonder how you can find the best wonderkids in your save. There are some important areas to look at:

FM14 Player Profile Wonderkid

– scout report and player description – Golden Star rating and Wonderkid description
– scout report of player attributes; determination, work rate and level of mental attributes
– scout report of current ability according to age; 4 to 5 star silver star rating or 1 to 2 golden stars
– a players personality and potential to progress based on your clubs youth facility level

These are some of the elements you can look at in order to find promising talents with the potential to become wonderkids. Just remember that you don’t get solely blind by star rating as it depends on your scouts level of determination and accuracy (JPA / JPP), and the overall average ability of your squad. A club with few (or none) world class players will make you able to spot more 5-star wonderkids than if managing Barcelona, where the PA star rating will perhaps be fairly good.

How to find the best scouts in Football Manager – Get more accurate scout reports

About the Gold Star Potential – My Hypothesis

New in Football Manager 2015 is the range of potential star rating displayed as black stars. My hypothesis to the black star rating is that it shows how good the player can become under the best terms, mentioned below.

If we should translate the potential star rating under my hypothesis will the gold star potential given by your scout be his minimum potential at the moment under the current circumstances compared to the squads average potential, while the black potential star rating is his maximum. If we translate it to what we know about the potential ability level ranging from -1 to -10, the gold star rating indicates the lowest range within it. For example the -8 level which is around 130PA, while maximum is 160. For clubs with lots of players around the 145PA level the gold star level will often show average rating or even decent rating for the first team, while the black stars shows a potential higher rating than squad average. That’s why I believe there is sometimes a big difference between the hidden black star rating and the gold star rating we have become accustomed to.

    How can The player fulfill his Hidden Black Star Potential?

    In order to develop players who are likely to reach their maximum potential the circumstances must be ideal – and can be influenced by these matters; good or bad:

    • Luck will always be one of the biggest factors, which is influenced by the factors below
    • avoid long term injuries as injury proneness will hurt his development
    • get first team or reserves match experience to get accustomed to the playing level and boost his happiness and training motivation. Here can loaning the player out be an important step in his development plan.
    • be taken under the wings of a manager who favors youth development – high ratings of working with youth
    • be in a club with good youth facilities
    • have a good coaching staff of 5-star coaches with high ratings of working with youth, motivation and determination
    • improve player personality by tutoring him in order to make them more professional

    In general it’s difficult to specifically predict who will develop into wonder kids or who will end up as average players with national reputation or less. We just need to trust the scout report and compare pros and cons of the player to determine how likely he is to develop into a rated wonderkid.

Below is a brief collection of some of the best Football Manager 2015 wonderkids (at the age of 20 and under) within the FM15 database. This list is unique and the most in-depth ever published, which makes it the best list of wonderkids ever created for Football Manager!

If you have any objections to the list or wants to share FM 2015 wonderkids, please use the comment field below and upload a screenshot of the talent found.


Odisseas Vlachodimos
26.04.1994 (20)Stuttgart II
Stole Dimitrievski
25.12.1993 (20)Granada B
FYR Macedonia
TR €4.2Mill
€850A decent goalkeeper with fairly average skills. Stole Dimitrievski possesses great command of the area and fairly good aerial ability. Good prospect for mid-table clubs and below.
Guillermo de Amores
19.10.1994 (19)Liverpool (URU)
Ruben Blanco
25.07.1995 (19)Celta B
TR €21Mill
€70Ruben Blanco is a very promising player available for under €1.5Mill. Great in one on one situations.
Simone Scuffet
31.05.1996 (18)Udinese
GK€2.1Mill€10.75KSimone Scuffet is a determined talent who can become a great player for any club level. Stands out for his determination and high mental attributes. Great reflexes and positioning too.
Mike Havekotte
12.09.1995 (18)Utrecht Res
Sondre Rossbach
07.02.1996 (18)Odd
Predrag Rajkovic
31.10.1995 (18)Red StarGK€375K€675
Alex Meret
22.03.1997 (17)Udinese U20GK€275K€250Alex Meret has the potential to become a great goalkeeper in the future. With his resolute personality, high determination and adaptability he has the ability to fulfill his potential where ever he plays. With decent reflexes, great handling and decisions he is a good shot stopper.


John Stones
28.05.1994 (20)Everton
DC (DR)€13.25Mill€25KJohn Stones is a strong ball playing defender who is as natural fit as he is composed. Also a good penalty taker.
14.05.1994 (20)Paris SG
DC (DR)€7.25Mill€16.5KMarquinhos is already a world class defender with high composure, great positioning and decent concentration. Incredible fast for an central defender.
Samuel Umtiti
14.11.1993 (20)Olympique Lyonnais
DC (DL)€5Mill€23K
Matthias Ginter
19.01.1994 (20)Dortmund
DC (DM(MC)€7Mill€40.5KThe German wonderkid defender likes to play short simple passes and has strength, stamina and team work to play as an ball winning midfielder as well. Features excellent concentration and composure which makes him likely for a man marking playing style.
Terence Kongolo
14.02.1994 (20)Feyenoord
DC (DL)€4.2Mill€4.7K
Kurt Zouma
27.10.1994 (19)Chelsea
DC (DR)€5.25Mill€37.5KKurt Zouma is a strong beast standing at 187cm tall. Excellent aerial ability makes him an important asset at attacking and defending set-pieces. Enjoys important matches. Consistent central defender.
08.11.1994 (19)OM
DC€7.75Mill€34.5KDória is a strong and quick central defender who has aerial abilities as his key strength. Labelled as the next André Cruz. Enjoys important matches.
José María Giménez
20.01.1995 (19)Atletico Madrid
Niklas Süle
03.09.1995 (18)Hoffenheim
DC€6.25Mill€19.25KThe 194cm tall wonderkid defender is as strong in the air as physically. Niklas Süle is a highly recommended central defender due to his consistent performance and hidden attribute enjoys big matches. Has high level of bravery and composure as well.
Emanuel Mammana
10.02.1996 (18)River Res
Tin Jedvaj
28.11.1995 (18)Leverkusen (Roma)
DC (D/WBR)€3.2Mill€21.5K
Davide Monteleone
25.09.1995 (18)Grosseto
Filippo Romagna
26.05.1997 (17)Juventus
DC (DM)€475K€1KFilippo Romagna is a driven central defender with excellent determination. A likely FM15 wonderkid with good anticipation, marking and positioning. May lack concentration and composure to be rated as a good central defender, but is still young and can develop a lot.
Jesus Vallejo
05.01.1997 (17)Zaragoza
DC (DM)€225K€70Jesus Vallejo is one of the most promising Spanish central defenders in FM15. With excellent concentration, anticipation and tackling this defender will be rock solid being less error prone. Needs tutoring to match his light-hearted personality to his great determination.
Joe Gomez
23.05.1997 (17)Charlton
DC (DR)€975K€1.3KJoe Gomez is a promising talent worth to watch. The English talent possesses great stamina and quickness to play as an fullback, but has also decent composure and concentration to play as a central defender. Tends to run with the ball often.


Andrew Robertson
11.03.1994 (20)Hull
Sam Byram
16.09.1993 (20)Leeds
Kostas Stafylidis
02.12.1993 (20)Fulham (Leverkusen)
D/WBL€1.3Mill€9KKostas Stafylidis is a fairly quick full back. Noted for his high determination.
Emerson Palmieri
13.03.1994 (20)Palermo (Santos)
TR €20Mill
€4.2KEmerson is a fairly quick promising wingback. Both defensive strong and technical skilled which makes him suit the duty of both defensive roles and more attacking roles.
Luke Shaw
12.07.1995 (19)Man Utd
D/WBL€4Mill€125KLuke Shaw is fairly injury prone but is a fairly consistent player. He enjoys playing in important matches. Possesses excellent dribbling and quickness much similar to the traditional Brazilian wing backs.
Calum Chambers
20.01.1995 (19)Arsenal
DRC€10.25Mill€44KCallum Chambers is physically and mentally strong. With high jumping reach and great heading abilities he possesses also an aerial threat. Likely long throw taker as well.
Nicola Murru
16.12.1994 (19)Cagliari
TR Clause 15.5Mill
06.03.1993 (19)Gremio
TR Clause 15.5Mill


Lucas Romero
18.04.1994 (20)Velez
TR €10.75Mill
€5.5KLucas Romero is the perfect player for any side. With great stamina, bravery, team work and work rate he will do everything for his team working tirelessly throughout the match. The resolute ball winner was one of my favorite players in FM14 and might be the first player I buy on every save.
Emre Can
12.01.1994 (20)Liverpool
MC (DM)€10Mill€56KEmre Can is a wonderkid who enjoys important matches. The strong defensive midfielder has a winning mentality and is likely to rip the opposition apart with his aggression and bravery. Seems fairly versatile as he has both much flair, stamina, strength, technique and bravery. A likely holding midfielder who can win back the ball quickly.
Sergi Samper
20.01.1995 (19)Barcelona
TR €12.75Mill
€13.5KSergi Samper is a player in the same mould as Xavi. Likes to come deep to get the ball and dictate tempo. Already an excellent deep lying playmaker with great composure and anticipation. Team player.
Junior Malanda
28.08.1994 (19)Wolfsburg
DM (D/MC)€5.5Mill€15.75KLabelled as a strong ball winner, Junior Malanda might be a great prospect for clubs with national reputation. Excellent determination and work rate makes him a great defensive midfielder.
Levin Öztunali
15.03.1996 (18)Leverkusen
DM (DR/MC)€2.3Mill€7KLevin Öztunali is a very versatile player who can play in a number of positions. He stands out for his work rate, team work and natural fitness.
Ruben Neves
13.03.1997 (17)FC Porto
DM (MC)€725K
TR €21Mill
€1.6KRuben Neves seems to develop to a great player. The anchor man possesses excellent composure and positioning. Already a likely candidate as captain and features the determination and team work to be the heart and lung of the defensive play.


Mateo Kovacic
06.05.1994 (20)Inter
M/AMC€11Mill€53KAn highly rated wonderkid advanced playmaker with high technical abilities. Mateo Kovacic likes to come deep to get ball and play one twos. Stands out for his great vision and composure. Next Xavi?
Will Hughes
17.04.1995 (19)Derby
MC (DM/AMC)€10.5Mill€15K
James Ward-Prowse
01.11.1994 (19)Southampton
MC (M/AMR)€9.25Mill€25KJames Ward-Prowse is a good central midfielder strong at taking free kicks and corners. Possesses great vision and passing abilities making him a strong candidate for the new FM15 roaming playmaker role.
Nathaniel Chalobah
12.12.1994 (19)Burnley (Chelsea)
MC (D/DM)€7Mill€13.25K
Leon Goretzka
06.02.1995 (19)Schalke 04
MC (DM/AMC)€6.75Mill€15.75KLeon Goretzka stands out for his technical abilities, team work and passing abilities. Also good in the air which makes him a likely threat in attacking set-pieces. Another German wonderkid who enjoys big matches. Tends to dictate tempo and switch ball to other flank.
Pierre-Emile Højbjerg
05.08.1995 (18)Bayern Munich
MC (DM/AMC)€8Mill€20KWith 14 appearances under Josep Guardiola Pierre-Emile Højbjerg is one of the most interesting wonderkids in Europe at the moment. The 185cm tall midfielder can play a number of positions in the central of the park and has attributes to fit the bill of a number of player roles. For me he seems to be a natural advanced playmaker support. Highly recommended!
Youri Tielemans
07.05.1997 (17)Anderlecht
MC€1.7Mill€9KYouri Tielemans is dubbed the new Enzo Scifo. The fairly determined midfielder possesses great passing abilities. Potential to become a world class central midfielder. Fairly adaptable.
Gianluca Gaudino
11.11.1996 (17)Bayern Munich
MC (DM/AMC)€1.9Mill€24KGianluca Gaudino possesses high ratings of passing, first touch and technique which makes him a promising playmaker. The promising German midfielder is labelled as the next Günter Netzer.
Ryan Ledson
19.08.1997 (16)Everton
MC (DM)€375K€1.6KRyan Ledson is a fairly intelligent midfielder who likes to dictate tempo. Still a lot of development to do, but is a talented player who may become an international player with great development. Features good anticipation, decisions and passing to become a decent playmaker.


Ross Barkley
05.12.1993 (20)Everton
AMC (MC/AMR)€23.5Mill€50KThe attacking midfielder possesses excellent first touch and technique making him a skillful player in the mould of Andres Iniesta. With excellent vision and anticipation he suits the role of the advanced playmaker
Rodrigo de Paul
29.06.1994 (20)Valencia
AMC (AMRL)€2.1Mill
TR €42.5Mill
Leandro Paredes
29.06.1994 (20)Roma (Boca)
01.02.1994 (20)Benfica
AMC (MC/AML/ST)€4.5Mill
TR €47.5Mill
€16.75KA good attacking midfielder with excellent dribbling and flair. He enyos big matches and is a likely set-piece taker as he is a great free-kick taker. Fairly adaptable too. Likes to place shots and cut inside.
Adnan Januzaj
05.02.1995 (19)Man Utd
AMC (AMRL)€25Mill€63KThe FM15 wonderkid Adnan Januzaj has already excellent attributes in a number of areas. Noted for his unpredictability (high flair) the highly versatile player could be one of the big future stars of FM 2015.
Serge Gnabry
14.07.1995 (19)Arsenal
AMRC€9.5Mill€18.75KSerge Gnabry is touted to become the next Paul Breitner. The two footed Gunners youngster has excellent quickness and flair which makes him a great shadow striker.
Ángel Correa
09.03.1995 (19)Atletico
TR €54Mill
€28.5KÁngel Correa is a skillful player who is likely to do the unexpected. With excellent dribbling abilities and technique coupled with flair he is a great player in one on one situations.
Kingsley Coman
13.06.1996 (18)Juventus
AMC (AML/ST)€3Mill€28.5KKingsley Coman is a very interesting shadow striker in FM15. Noted for his high acceleration and pace, high flair and excellent technique he might provide the quickness and unpredictability needed to unlock any defenses with his dribbling and off the ball movement. Fairly consistent attacking midfielder who enjoys big matches.
Tonny de Trindade de Vilhena
03.01.1995 (18)Feyenoord
M/AMC€5.25Mill€6KSpotted when he was 16, the attacking midfielder has developed nicely. Tonny Vilhena possesses decent dribbling and technique. Coupled with his high level of off the ball, flair and agility he will be able to utilize spaces.
Humam Tariq
10.02.1996 (18)Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya
AMC€325K€500One of the hidden wonderkids of FM14, Humam Tariq was quickly signed by Fiorentina in my first FM15 save. The young trequartista has already the leadership, anticipation and vision as the new Andrea Pirlo.
28.09.1996 (17)Fluminense
TR €11Mill
€2.3KRobert is a young talent who can play as attacking midfielder position or as striker. With great vision, decent anticipation and excellent technique he could be the main creative assets of your team – player role recommendation trequartista.
Patrick Roberts
05.02.1997 (17)Fulham
AMC (AMRL)€3.1Mill€5KPatrick Roberts is dubbed the new Paul Gascoigne. An unpredictable winger/ attacking midfielder with sublime quickness and excellent dribbling abilities.
Abdelhak Nouri
02.04.1997 (17)Ajax
AMC (AMRL)€975K€1.6KAbdelhak Nouri is one of the most promising Dutch talents emerging. With excellent technical abilities and good passing abilities he is a chance creator who likes to dictate tempo and who tries killer balls often.
Hachim Mastour
15.06.1998 (16)AC Milan
AMC (AMRL/ST)€375K€250Finally the new emerging wonderkid Hachim Mastour is incorporated in the official FM 2015 database. A highly technical and unpredictable player with great acceleration. Excellent potential, but with fairly poor overall attributes much tutoring and a smart player development plan is needed to get the most out of him.
Panos Armenakas
05.08.1998 (15)Udinese
AMC (MC)€600K€250


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
15.08.1993 (20)Arsenal
Julian Draxler
20.09.1993 (20)Schalke 04
M/AMRL€12.75Mill€61KJulian Draxler is an highly versatile winger. The two footed winger is capable of dazzling the opposite marker with pace and dribbling. Noted for his long shot abilities and first touch.
Lazar Markovic
02.03.1994 (20)Liverpool
AMRC€11.75Mill€94KThe Serbian winger wonderkid features excellent acceleration and pace. With great flair and dribbling Markovic is likely to be the unpredictable asset needed to create chances. Tends to cut inside as an inside forward.
Memphis Depay
13.02.1994 (20)PSV
Pavel Savitskiy
12.07.1994 (20)Neman Grodno
M/AML€16K€2.3KPavel Savitskiy features excellent crossing and good acceleration. Coupled with good technique, dribbling and flair he has everything required to get to the byline. He tends to run with the ball a lot but likes to dictate play from wide. The talented winger enjoys big matches and is available for free in January 2015.
24.10.1994 (19)Galatasaray
AML€2.6Mill€26.5KA classic winger with excellent acceleration and pace. Bruma’s overall stats is under the average, so he has still many areas to improve such as finishing. Noted for his great crossing and dribbling abilities which makes him able to get to the byline to create more chances from wide.
Julio Gomez
13.08.1994 (19)Pachuca
Zakaria Bakkali
26.01.1996 (18)PSV
AMRL/ST€2.7Mill€4.7KZakaria Bakkali has been one of my personal favorite wonderkids for quite some while. Stands out for his great off the ball ability and flair. Can play in all attacking positions. Features excellent dribbling and quickness.
Jack Grealish
10.09.1995 (18)Aston Villa
AMRLC€3Mill€6.5KJack Grealish is a strong dribbler who are able to use his acceleration and pace to get by his marker over the full 90 minutes due to high stamina. Features also great passing abilities and team work to play as an wide advanced playmaker. Highly recommended UK talent.
Bilal Ould-Chikh
28.07.1997 (17)Twente
AMR (AMLC)€1.6Mill€130Bilal Ould-Chikh was one of the stars in the Euro Under-17 Championship 2014. His player profile in FM15 looks very promising. Good technique, first touch and anticipation – a future wide playmaker?
Vaclav Cerny
17.10.1997 (16)Jong Ajax


Paco Alcacer
30.08.1993 (20)Valencia
TR €19Mill
€9.5KPaco Alcacer is an highly rated ambitious striker. Noted for his work rate, off the ball ability and finishing skills Paco is surely able to open up spaces for others and score goals on his own as advanced forward.
Domenico Berardi
01.08.1994 (19)Sassuolo /Juventus
Divock Origi
18.04.1995 (19)LOSC (Liverpool)
ST/AMRL€7.5Mill€15.75KThe Belgium Wonderkid striker who is loaned out to LOSC until the end of the first season has excellent acceleration and pace. With high flair, technique and dribbling he may be likely used as an inside forward attack.
Neal Maupay
14.08.1996 (18)OGC Nice
ST€1.3Mill€4KLabelled as the next Jean-Pierre Papin the pacy and versatile advanced forward might be worth to follow the development of. Features high bravery which makes him a good choice to close down defenders early.
Munir el Haddadi
01.09.1995 (18)Barcelona
TR €12.75Mill
€44KMunir was a player I felt was fairly underrated in FM14, so much that I made an database with him. The FM15 Wonderkid Munir has excellent finishing, anticipation and dribbling. The inside forward likes to shoot from distance. Highly Recommneded!
Timo Werner
06.03.1996 (18)Stuttgart
ST/AML€6.25Mill€20.5KTimo Werner can be described as an classic poacher or a more modern advanced forward. Noted for his excellent quickness and finishing he should have the abilities to shake off his marker and bag some goals inside the penalty box. Still has a lot of development to do especially improving positioning, vision, concentration and composure.
Richairo Zivkovic
05.09.1996 (18)Ajax
ST€4.7Mill€8KRichairo Zivkovic is a pacy advanced forward with high flair. The 186cm tall striker is fairly strong in aerial situations but is also able to finish using his feet. Can become a great striker in the future.
Alberto Cerri
16.04.1996 (18)Lanziano (Parma)
ST€800K€2.2KAlberto Cerri can become a future wonderkid striker. The 194cm tall target man is touted as the next Roberto Bettega. the forward tends to dwell on ball, but is really good in aerial situations. He too enjoys big matches and is fairly consistent player.
Robert Kenedy
08.02.1996 (18)Fluminense
TR €15.5Mill
€3.2KKenedy can play as both an inside forward or striker. He likes to shoot with power from distance but requires improved long shots to be lethal outside the box. Overall a skilled player.

Filipe Silva de Oliveira

26.02.1997 (17)Náutico
TR €15.5Mill
€3.2KMalcom is an highly recommended future wonderkid. The speedy striker has the potential to become a world class player. With great crossing, acceleration and decent off the ball he can become a great inside forward.
Donis Avdijaj
25.08.1996 (17)Schalke 04 II
ST/AMC€700K€12.25KDonis Avdjij is labelled as the new Miroslav Klose for his excellent finishing abilities. A technical trequartista with world class agility.
Gabriel Barbosa
30.08.1996 (17)Santos
TR €109Mill
€22.5KGabriel Barbosa is an highly rated FM15 wonderkid. With excellent passing, first touch, technique and vision he can be a great playmaking AMC or forward to drops deep similar to Lionel Messi. With already resolute personality and great determination he is a great signing –may be very expensive though.
Ivan Saponjic
02.08.1997 (16)Teleoptik U19 (Partizan)
ST€135K€20A young Serbian advanced forward who can become an international player with right tutoring and development plan. The striker is noted for his high work rate and excellent determination. Possesses the required strength, height and weigth of an target man/defensive forward.
Luka Jovic
23.12.1997 (16)Red Star
ST€140K€20One of the new amazing Football Manager 2015 wonderkids is the promising Serbian talent Luka Jovic. Noted for his mental strength, high determination and good composure, Jovic can be an excellent star of the future.

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A shortlist of the most promising talents and players rated wonderkids in Football Manager 2015.

  • Adam Persson

    Isn’t Lewis Cook from Leeds a pretty good talent?

    • Passion for Football Manager

      Yes he is=) We don’t have 100% scouting knowledge of him yet (only 97%) so we are waiting for the final report. But seems very good. This year if 99% knowledge you won’t see report of potential ability (division). But I like his personality and is dubbed the new Paul Gascoigne in the game

      • Adam Persson

        Yes i am a Leeds fan so i’ve been watching him a lot. I love his personality, i thought Mowatt would be a great talent (and he is…) but he just doesn’t have the same great, chill and modest attitude as Cook does.

        If you don’t mind me asking. How are you doing this scouting? :P

        Also, isn’t Deniz Hümmet from Malmo FF (he’s the only good player in their youth team for CL) and Linus Wahlqvist from IFK Norrkoping (it’s a player who got into the first team at 16 years of age) pretty good aswell?

        • Passion for Football Manager

          The process of compiling such a list is a continuous work which I work on all the year trying to discover new talents. Then the job starts to scout them in FM and go from league to league, club to club getting as many scout reports of players. Its pretty time consuming but hopefully in the end it pays off delivering tips and recommendations for those who doesn’t spend as much time on this, as I like to do.

          That’s why input like yours are valuable as I get recommendations about players I have either forgot about or didn’t know about. Deniz Hümmet was a player I’ve never heard of, while Linus was one I had on the draft for the FM14 wonderkids list.

          With all the shortlist (released / unreleased for FM14) I compiled a list of nearly 4000 talents under 20. Hopefully we will reach the same number this year. I have also searched for researchers for my website so the job can be done quicker and perhaps enhance the amount of players even further

          • Adam Persson

            Well it makes me happy to know that someone is spending that much time into this!

            I can only give input into Swedish or ex-Swedish players though. Such as Zakarias Faour, Zia Sakirovski och Erik Andersson. (the first one in Man City, Second one in AZ Alkmaar, and the third one is in Landskrona Bois) Sadly, from what i’ve heard, no Swedish players become world stars : It might have to do with the fact that they don’t get enough game time, and that the game time they get is at a low level of football, but i don’t think FM has its focus on Sweden :(

            I hope you reach that goal so that i can use your list again! :) Happy scouting! ^^

          • Adam Persson

            Zia is probably in AZ Alkmaar..If you can’t find him there then Malmo FF is the place to look. He was bought by AZ this season i think..

  • xavi

    regarding roles and players, i feel you make a mistake lots of people make: you underestimate importance of teamwork for a playmaker. i think teamwork and decisions are the most important mental skills for a playmaker, along with composure for a DLP and bravery for a AP (and probably off the ball for a roaming PM). i say this because if barkley is similar to FM14, he is no-way an AP (teamwork < 10!!!), he is more a traditional AMC or a trequartista. and for instance goretzka is a perfect fit for a PM.
    anyway, nice list and descriptions! what about ruben pardo? is he still the beast he's been in FM13 and FM14? (he is indeed my favorite PM in FM14)

  • Dave Robinson

    no Ryan Ledson?

    • Passion for Football Manager

      the list is work in progress. There are thousands of players we havent get scout report of in order to determine hidden attributes and actual player attributes / potential ability. He should be on the downloadable shortlist though.

      • Dave Robinson

        I understand; it’s a big game and a good list! I’m an Everton fan is all, so like to look out for our boys!

        • Passion for Football Manager

          A great! How many stars has Ledson in your save? Here he has currently 1 gold star and 3 black – loaned out to Southend

  • Julenissene

    I can’t get the file to work :( I tried to put it in the Sports Interactive>shortlists, Sports Interactive>shortlist, Sports Interactive>filters, but the game can’t see it when I try to find it in-game.

    • Julenissene

      Never mind, I just found out that “lists” has its own button at the bottom of the screen

  • mar

    Guillermo de Amores is a player of Liverpool (Uru) not Argentinos Jrs

  • KaZbi

    I can’t insert that file also.. I cannot find it in-game

  • KaZbi

    I have the same problem as Julenissene

    • Passion for Football Manager

      Hi KaZbi. I have heard there are some issues when importing a shortlist – try to click load the shortlist under manage shortlists.