Passion4FM’s Football Manager Tactics guides looks to serve you with all the best tips for creating better tactical strategies and systems within Football Manager.

The Tactics guides ranges from using the Tactics Creator (TC) by setting up strategies and mentalities to understanding player duties and team instructions.

Here you will learn more about tactical creation in all phases of play from defending to attacking, defending transition and attacking transition to retaining or regaining possession through applying a suitable pressing style.

The tactics guides will focus on analyzing your tactic and preferred formation since they are some of the most important tools to succeed in Football Manager. Creating a winning tactic relies on your knowledge about your players, their attributes and manage to gather all information to succeed with your preferred football philosophy. Your preferred playing style and tactical knowledge will determine your success; both in regard to how your players interact and how you as the manager is able to do (read: see) the necessary errors in your favorite Football Manager Tactics.

Creating your best Football Manager tactic will also rely on your skills in adjusting your team and player instructions and adapting the match tactic according to next opposition. Here we aim to enhance your knowledge for tactical creation in Football Manager.

Football Manager Tactical Priorities in detail

Tactical Priorities in Detail – Part 8 of The Mentality Ladder

The Final Chapter of The Football Manager Mentality Ladder Focus on Tactical Priorities After over a week of great Football Manager tactics guides we have come to the final chapter of the Mentality Ladder. Here you will find explanations of the various tactical priorities in detail for the different player roles. You will hereby understand […]
Mentality Structures duty and other settings

The Mentality Ladder, Duty And Other Settings – Part 7

Understanding How the Mentality Ladder Influence Parts of play; Shape in Phases For the last 6 days we have been publishing all the different tactical priorities within the different mentality structures and fluidity settings from very fluid to balanced and very rigid, which we published yesterday. Now it’s time to change the focus to understanding […]
Football Manager Very Rigid Mentality Structure

Very Rigid Mentality Structure: Production Lines – Part 6

Football Manager Very Rigid Mentality Structure – Part 6 of The Mentality Ladder Welcome to the final part about the specific fluidity settings in Football Manager. Here will the Football Manager Very rigid mentality structure be discussed in detail – looking at the player roles and positioning tactical priority in the different match strategies. Learn […]
Rigid Mentality Structure

Rigid Mentality Structure: Gestalt Tactical Systems – Part 5

Part 5 of The Mentality Ladder – Football Manager Rigid Mentality Structure The time has now come to take a closer look on the Rigid Mentality Structure within the Football Manager Mentality ladder. Here will ‘The Hand of God’ analyze the gestalt tactical system which organize tactical priorities according to player positioning rather than the […]
Asymmetric shapes balanced mentality structures

Balanced Mentality Structure: Assymetric Shapes – Part 4

Football Manager Mentality Ladder about the Balanced Mentality Structure Following the structure of the Football Manager Mentality Ladder, here is part 4 about the balanced mentality structure. Here ‘The Hand of God’ analysis the balanced mentality, a setting or structure which can often be entitled as asymmetric shapes when creating a Football Manager tactics. This […]
Mentality Ladder: Player Duty and Fluidity settings

The Mentality Ladder; Player Duty and Fluidity Settings – Part 1

Understanding Player Duties and Fluidity Structures | A Football Manager Guide to Mentality Welcome to the very first part in the ‘The Hand of Gods’ 8-step guide on mentality ladder for Football Manager 2014. In this first part and introduction to understanding fluidity and managers philosophy versus team philosophy, the author will analyze the four […]
Football Manager Mentality Ladder

Football Manager Mentality Ladder [Complete Series]

The Ultimate Football Manager Guide to Understanding Mentality, Player Duties and Fluidity Using the Football Manager tactics creator can be an easy way of creating the formation and playing styles you want, but have you ever thought about how you can influence the individual player responsibilities and level of mentality within your chosen team mentality […]
Football Playing Styles

Football Playing Styles – The Ultimate Football Manager Tactics Guide

Football Manager Tactics Guide to Presets and Playing Style; Possession Football, Counter-Attacking and Pressing Styles One major issue when creating Football Manager tactics are finding how you want your team to play in order to make your tactic the most efficient. Today we will take a closer look on how to create certain playing styles […]