New to Passion4FM 2014-15 is the ability to download Football Manager graphics. We hereby let you update and enhance your Football Manager experience with new skins, kit packs, facepacks and more.

Download the best Football Manager graphics such as FM15 skins, facepacks, kits, logos, other add-ons, panels and scoreboards. Enhance the look of Football Manager with graphical assets.

Here you can also enjoy new Football Manager graphics from DF11 Facepacks and more. If you like to contribute with your own graphical creations, logo packs or 3D kit megapacks, please contact us.

Football Manager TCM 15 Logo Megapack

Football Manager TCM15 Logo Megapack

Download Logo-Worlds Megapack of Competition- & Club Logos for Football Manager 2015 This is the second edition of the TCM logo megapack for Football Manager. After more than 100,000 downloads for the previous version, we needed to offer more! Embrace the brilliant Football Manager 2015 TCM15 Logo megapack by Logo-World. This massive megapack which you […]
Football Manager 2015 Smooth Logo Megapack

Football Manager 2015 Smooth Logo Megapack

Download Football Manager 2015 Smooth Logo Megapack by PassionateFM It’s sometimes difficult deciding what suit to wear or shirt to put on before your important Cup final match, but when it comes to giving your Football Manager a professional feel, look no further. I’d like to introduce PassionateFM’s Football Manager 2015 Smooth logo megapack! The Passionate Football Manager […]
Football Manager DF11 Faces Megapack 2014

Football Manager DF11 Facepacks 2015 [70109+ Faces]

Download Football Manager 2015 Faces Megapack by DF11 Facepacks Passion4FM is proud to announce the first Football Manager 2015 facepack created by our partner DF11 Facepack. Here you can download over 70.109 portrait styled faces for FM 2015 by downloading the update extension pack below the main download. As always, we have only picked the […]
Download Football Manager National Flags [243 Country Flags by NecJeff]

Download Football Manager National Flags [243 Country Flags by NecJeff]

Download Down- and Sidewaved National Flags For Football Manager 2014 Our Football Manager Download section has been enhanced with new graphics. Now we give you the ability to download an excellent pack of over 243(!) Football Manager national flags. Here you will get all the country flags from around the world, from the biggest football […]